Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Make a one-night stand

I've decided to put my money where my mouth is. I've blogged previously about the way tourist boards are failing to grasp the clear opportunity for domestic tourism this summer. I've also read a lot about the rise of the so-called 'nano break', the one-night holiday. This trend for shorter breaks, identified in a survey by, comes in response to economic current conditions. 
   I can only really comment on this if I've experienced it first hand. So I'm going to. This weekend, I'm off walking in the Derbyshire Peak District, tackling the slopes of Kinder Scout with a couple of old friends. We will be camping and paying our own way. 
   Will it rain? Will it be cost more than a week in Turkey? Will I survive my first night under canvas since an unfortunate incident at the Glastonbury Festival with some strong liquor, a lost tent and a sense of bewilderment induced by the headline set by Spiritualised? Maybe.
   But, most of all, is a nano break the new weekend break? Or is an extended sojourn the new two weeks in the sun?
   This week we learnt that 34-year-old Ben Southall from Hampshire, UK, has landed a six-month contract as the caretaker of Hamilton Island on Queensland's Great Barrier Reef. It's a role described as "the best job in the world" in a clever publicity campaign by Tourism Queensland and is expected to boost Queensland's image around the world after several years of lacklustre visitor numbers. At latest estimates it generated over £50m in publicity. Strewth, mate. 
   Ben's main qualification? He can ride an ostrich.
   I'll be discussing both of these topics on the Duncan Barkes programme on City Talk this Friday. Email me with you comments or questions and I'll get them on air.
   Tune in Friday from 10.15am. And follow both myself and Duncan on Twitter.

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