Saturday, 23 May 2009

A new manifesto

It's time to make a fresh start. I've been blogging for a few months now about day-to-day life as a jobbing travel writer. The posts have attracted followers, plaudits, critics and downright outrage in equal measure. From this week, I'm changing the focus.
   I'm going to be taking a more niche approach, blogging specifically about domestic tourism in England's Northwest, where I live, and Wales, where I've worked a lot over the last few years.
   The idea came to me while walking home through the streets of Chester after a recent press conference. There are so many good places to talk about in terms of tourism around the Northwest, such as Peckforton Castle picture above right, but not many writers talking about it. So I will. 
   This is not a PR-sponsored blog. I'm making no money from it. It's about my subjective take on regional tourism as I see. That said, I'm happy to hear from anyone with ideas worthy of coverage that other outlets have may have ignored.
   It's also an outlet to showcase some links to stories that have grabbed my attention and to highlight some links to my stories about the region published in newspapers and magazines. Here's one to get the ball rolling: my piece about the Cheshire Food Trail in the Observer.
   What's not changing is my enthusiasm for your comments, praise, criticism and general feedback. Post, please, post.
   Time to hit the North. As in, get your arse over here.


  1. Good idea. This is a generally overlooked area of Britain - unfairly so - and I'll be interested to see what you come up with.

  2. Thanks Jenny. I'll start digging around but also hoping to throw this one open to the blogging public at large.

  3. EXcellent plan. I spend so long banging on about how brilliant Brighton is, I stupidly never think of it as a subject for work... you've made ma have a rethink - always a good thing.

  4. Thanks, I think this could work for all us freelancers. Staying close to home is the new going away, so make the most of your own backyard.