Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Travel Talk this Friday

I love train travel. It's greener, less stressful than airports and, when you're powering through northern France with a glass of red by your side and your latest assignment near complete on your laptop, it feels supremely civilised. Snowstorms and pestilence notwithstanding, of course. That's why I'm delighted to read that the European rail network will expand the over next year with a slew of new services coming online to speed up connections between the major European hubs and increase the reach of rail.
I'll be discussing this on the Duncan Barkes programme on City Talk this week. Leave your comments here about favourite train journeys, favourite train stations (my vote is for the futuristic Kyoto Station in Japan) and why you prefer to let the train take the strain.
You can also watch my video blog riding the Glacier Express in Switzerland here.
We will also be discussing news that holiday camp Pontin's is planning to take on an extra 2,000 staff over three years and spruce up venues as cash-strapped Brits look to holidays at home.
Would you spend your summer hols at a revamped Pontins in Southport? After an assignment at Butlins that involved a performance from Eighties throwback Bucks Fizz, tales of substance abuse from chalet staff and an angry letter from the management many years ago, I've never returned. But maybe I've missed out? You tell me ...
On air Friday from 10.15am.

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